Junior Eurovision 2022: 33 million viewers tuned in the final show of the 20th edition

Junior Eurovision 2022: 33 million viewers tuned in the final show of the 20th edition
Wednesday, 21 December 2022

  • The 20th edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest achieved to reach out to 33 million viewers that tuned in to watch the live show in Yerevan, Armenia. 

    Oh Wow! That 's our reaction when the news from EBU came out today regarding the viewing figures of the last edition of Junior Eurovision in Yerevan, Armenia on Decmeber 11, 2022. 

    A total of 33 million viewers tunued in to watch the Junior Eurovision live show across 13 markets which were counted in. In these thirteen market the average audience reached 7.9 million, which marks the third largest audience since 2011 and an increase of 500.000 viewers comparing year to year. 

    Out of the 13 markets 10 showed an increase in viewing figures while the average 12.8% of all TV viewers watched the 2022 competition hosted by Armenian Public Television (AMPTV) at 16:00 CET on December 11. Also in 10 markets the broadcasters delivered an audience larger than normally achieved by the channel in the slot.


    Breakdown of figures

    The hosting nation saw, closely up to 4 in 10 Armenians tuned in to watch some part of the event and the show got the attention on average 2 in 3 TV viewers.

    Regarding the participating countries, in Poland, Italy, Spain, and France the average number of viewers exceeded 1 million. Poland saw the biggest audiencing tuning in audience for the fourth year in a row reaching 1,9 million viewers. 

    Rai’s broadcast on thwie main channel Rai 1 brought a remarkable increase in audience numbers with an average 1.5 million viewers watching the show in Italy, while Spain delivered the third largest audience with 1.2 million, 50% more than the usual numbers in that slot.

    The United Kingdom on its comeback to the contest since 2005 saw 5.2m viewers watching for at least one minute the live show. 


    Young generations on board

    The viewing share among children aged 4 to 14 reached 18,5% which is more than double from the usual share the broadcasters see in that slot. The same outcome goes for the  viewing share among 15 – 24-year-olds which reached up to 14,2% again twice than the usual audience in the same same broadcasting hour for the channels.


    Online Engagement

    The numbers regarding the online engagement (social media, steaming platforms, website) confirm the same trend of an increasing audience. 

    On the contest's Youtube Channel the live streaming watched 500 thousand times while the website received the impressive number of 2 million visits

    In addition the social media engagement is reflecting some of the contest's glory days marking the second best results in the competition's history.  9.8 million video views on TikTok and 7.1 million video views on Instagram, an increase of 40% on Twitter with views reaching 5.5 million times while the Facebook reach surpassed 3 million people. 

    This year France scored their second victory with Lissandro singing 'Oh Maman' in Yerevan receiving a total of 203 points on the overall scoreboard. In case you missed the spectacular live show in Armenia you can always go to the official Junior Eurovision Youtube Channel and find out for yourself why this year's show justified such remarkable viewing results: 


    News Source: EBU/Junioreurovision.tv

    Image: Junioreurovision YT screen shot