France wins Junior Eurovision 2022 with Lissandro singing 'Oh Maman'

France wins Junior Eurovision 2022 with Lissandro singing 'Oh Maman'
Sunday, 11 December 2022

  • France is the winner of Junior Eurovision 2022 with Lissandro singing 'Oh Maman'.

    After weeks of preparations and five days of rehearsals here at the Karen Demirchyan Sports and Concerts Complex in Yerevan, the time to declare the winner of the 20th edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest has arrived. The show will be hosted by Iveta Mukuchyan, Garik Papoyan, Karina Ignatyan and Robin the Robot

    Following last evening's Jury Show that determined 50% of the result , this afternoon the 16 competing acts of this year's contest gave their best shot with their live performace in order to get those online votes which counted as the rest 50% of the result. 


    Opening of the Show

    The show opened with the flag parade and the presentation of this year's 16 competing countries and acts while all of them sang the common song 'Spin the Magic' along with last year's winner Malena Fox. 


    Once that was complete the four hosts of the show came forward with Iveta Mukuchyan, Garik Papoyan, Karina Ignatyan and Robin the Robot taking their positions to guide us throughout the song. 

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    This year a total of 16 competing countries were in the run for the trophy which  appeared on stage in the following running order:


    1. Netherlands: Luna – “La festa”


    2. Poland: Laura Bączkiewicz – “To the Moon”


    3. Kazakhstan: David Charlin – “Jer-Ana”


    4. Malta: Gaia Gambuzza – “Diamonds in the Skies”


    5. Italy: Chanel Dilecta – “Bla Bla Bla”


    6. France: Lissandro – “Oh Maman!”


    7. Albania: Kejtlin Gjata – “Pakëz diell”


    8. Georgia: Mariam Bigvava – “I Believe”


    9. Ireland: Sophie Lennon – “Solas”


    10. North Macedonia: Lara feat. Jovan & Irina – “Životot e pred mene”


    11. Spain: Carlos Higes – “Señorita”


    12. United Kingdom: Freya Skye – “Lose My Head”


    13. Portugal: Nicolas Alves – “Anos 70”


    14. Serbia: Katarina Savić – “Svet bez granica”


    15. Armenia: Nare – “Dance!”


    16. Ukraine: Zlata Dziunka – “Nezlamna”


    While the voting linnes opened again for 15 minutes we got the chance to see on stage last year's winner, Malena Fox sing her new song 'Can't feel anything'  and Armenia's Eurovision 2022 representatitve , Rosa Linn, performing her ESC entry 'Snap' which has become the 2nd most streamed entry in the contest's history. 

    In addition past winners of the contest got on stage and delivered their past winning songs. 



    The winner was determined by a combination of jury voting and an online voting. The jury vote was determined one day before during the jury show while the online voting that had started on Friday evening and closed just before the live show, reopened for 15 minutes after all acts had completed their performances. Each individual had the right to cast up to three choices.  Each voting had a 50% share on the final outcome.


    Jury Voting

    With all national juries points counted France with Lissandro won the jury voting while Georgia came second and Armenia third. 

    2022 12 11 7


    Online Voting

    Once the jury voting was revealed the hosts went on with the points from the online voting with the overall scoreboard declaring winner Lissandro from France receiving a total of 203 points leaving second behind Armenia with 180 points and Georgia in third place scoring 161 points. 

    2022 12 11 8


    Congratulations to France and Lissandro for their victorious participation! This is France's second victory in the last three years. The country has won the competition in 2022 with Valentina. Enjoy below the winner's performance of 'Oh Maman'.


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