Denmark: Fyr Og Flamme release 80's inspired debut self-titled album

Denmark:  Fyr Og Flamme release 80's inspired debut self-titled album
Sunday, 15 August 2021

  • The Danish Eurovision 2021 representatives, the duo Fyr og Flamme have released their self- titled debut album taking us back to the 80's .  

    We saw them last May bringing on Rotterdam Ahoy's stage a bit of the 80's spirit with their song "Øverst på hinanden". Back in May they may have not managed to reach the final for Denmark at Eurovision 2021, now they return with more 80's vibes through their self-titled debut album. 

    The duo that is formed by Jesper Groth and Laurits Emanuel has released their first album consisting of a total of 10 track, four previously released songs and six brand new ones. Namely, along with their Eurovision 2021 entry they have included the  three songs released over the past months  “Menneskeforbruger”, “Kamæleon”, and “Kæreste” .

    The duo's album is a clear invitation to step back in time and revive the feelings and vibes the 80's style of music brought alongs. The tracks showcase Fyr og Flamme's variety in music through a combination of  pop sounds all inspired by the 80's style. The album integrates the retro sound of the 80's and leads you to free style moves of the 80's dance floor, with most of the song's featuring a mid-tempo synth pop sound along with an uplifting mood, urges the listening to adopt some dance moves himself. 

    You can listen to the whole album on streaming paltforms: 


    Fyr og Flamme in Eurovision

    The Danish duo won the Danish national final, Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2021 and went on representing the country with their song Øve os på hinanden.  The duo despite their energetic performance on Rotterdam Ahoy's stage didn't make it to the final finishing 11th in the 2nd semi final show. 


    News Source: Wiwibloggs

    Image: Fyr og Flamme Instagram