Malta: Emma Muscat teams up with Blas Cantό in new song "La Stessa Lingua"

Malta: Emma Muscat teams up with Blas Cantό in new song
Friday, 22 July 2022

  • Emma Muscat, the Maltese Eurovision 2022 act has teamed up with Spain Eurovision 2021 hopeful, Blas Canto, in the her new song 'La Stessa Lingua'. 

     The Spanish Eurovision 2021 representative, Blas Cantό and this year's Maltese hopeful Emma Muscat have joined forces releasing a brand new single titled 'La Stessa Lingua'. The song is written by Raige, Artemedra, Blas Cantó, Cheope Cino and Marco Colaveccio while behind the production is C. Cino.

    The song speak of the love between two people that might be miles away from each other but the strength of love keeps their bond and connction solid. The single start with lyrics in Italian sung by EMMA while it swtiches to Spanish in the second part. A great combination of languages that above all outline that the language of love is the most powerful mean of connection among people. The single has been released under the label of Warner Italy 


    Blas and Emma in Eurovision

    In 2020 Blas was internally selected to represent Spain at Eurovision 2020 with his song "Universo". Unfortunately the contest was cancelled due to the covid-19 pandemic and the Spanish act never had the chance to perform his enty in Rotterdam Ahoy. However 2021 Blas had the chance to complete his Eurovision journey wth his song "Voy a quedarme" which sadly finished 24th with only 6 points. 

    Emma won the national selection in Malta earlier this year with the song 'Out of sight'. After a change of song she flew to Turin representing the Mediterranean state island with the song 'I Am What I Am' and competed in the second semi-final where she came 16th failing to reach the Grand final. 


    Ness Source: Emma Muscat/Blas Canto

    Image: Warner Italy YT