Greece: Sakis Rouvas has released his new album "Sta Kalitera Mou"

Greece: Sakis Rouvas has released his new album
Sunday, 06 June 2021

  • The King of Greek Pop, Sakis Rouvas, has released recently the long awaited  brand new album "Sta Kalitera Mou" (At My Best) and if we take his word for it, he is at his best. 

    The brand new album of Sakis Rouvas with the signature of Phoebus has recently been released and it only sounds loud. Eleven years after his last completed and highly successful album entitled "Parafora", which was followed by several singles over the years,  the unique Sakis Rouvas meets the composer of numerous Greek hits Phoebus.

    Together the two of them, create in "Sta Kalitera Mou" ("At My Best"), an explosive music collaboration with 10 brand new songs, ready to conquer the charts and make the audience "break" the replay button. The title of the album is not accidental.The leading Greek star Sakis Rouvas is literally "At His Best", more mature and creative than ever, with sounds that stand out from the first listen, aim to touch the soul and wake up every cell of the body. 


    The Album's tracks

    The album "Sta Kalitera Mou" includes a total of 10 hits, among them the already known and favorite "Yperanthropos" (Superman) and "Pare Me Agkalia"(Hug Me). The pop anthems "Sta Kalitera Mou" and "Aspirini" elevate your mood, while with "Chocolate" aims to give you enough sugar to dance.  The unique ballads such as "To aspro t-shirt" (The White T-Shirt) and "Pafsipona" (Painkillers) target to move you, when the melodies of 'Yperohi Zoi" (Wonderful Life), "Gimni stin Vrohi" (Naked In the Rain) and "Aliti Exisosi" (Unsolved Equation) bring you in a travelling sensation. 

    The long-awaited album of Sakis Rouvas has been released in all digital stores and streaming services by Minos EMI, a Universal Music Company.


    Sakis in Eurovision
    Eurovision 2004
    Sakis was internally selected by the Greek national broadcaster, ERT, to represent Greece at the Eurovision 2004 in Istanbul.  His Eurovision entry “Shake It“, with music by Terzis and lyrics by Nektarios Tyrakis, combined the Greek traditional bouzouki sound with the Latin one. Rouvas was  one of the favorites to win the competition. On stage Rouvas had two female dancers and three backing vocalists. Fokas Evangelinos, Rouvas’ longtime choreographer, choreographed his stage show. “Shake It” finished ain the honorable 3rd place in the final marking a turning point in his career .


    Eurovision 2009

    ERT made an early announcement confirming that Rouvas would again be Greece’s entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009. The country held a song selecton during which he performed his three songs (“Out of Control”, “Right on Time” and “This Is Our Night, all composed by Dimitris Kontopoulos.  A win was widely anticipated by the Greek fans, with the country being one of the three favorites among the Eurovision fans. However, Rouvas finished seventh in the final. 

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