#EurovisionAgain: Spain's Salomé wins the online voting for the 1969 contest

#EurovisionAgain: Spain's Salomé wins the online voting for the 1969 contest
Sunday, 20 June 2021

  • The fan rewatch party #EurovisionAgain made its comeback last evening with the edition of  the 1969 contest, the after online voting of which saw Spain's Salomé win with her song “Vivo cantando” .

    The rewatch party series #Eurovisionagain that kept the ESC fans company during last year's hard covid-19 lockdown periods returned last evening for a third season, monthly every thrid Saturday.

    The first to launch such initiative, was a group of fans that uploaded past events, while EBU followed through its official Eurovision Youtube Channel. The idea was implemented as COVID-19 restrictions led to national lockdowns and the eventual cancellation of the Eurovision Song Contest. Once the competing part of the contest is over, the audience has the chance to cast its votes and make up a new result for each edition.

    Last evening's #EurovisionAgain re-broadcast the historic edition of 1969 which stands outs for the voting tie in first place between four competing countries. Namely, Spain, United Kingdom, The Netherlands and France received the same amount of points. In the absence of rules in case of a tie all four nations were considered as the winners of the contest that year. 

    The online voting results

    The online fan voting that took place via the #EurovisionAgain Twitter Account after the rebroadcast declared as winner Spain's Salomé win with her song “Vivo cantando”Second came the United Kingdom with Boom Bang-a-Bang” performed by Lulu while the top three closed the Dutch act Lenny Kuhr with her entry “De troubadour”.


    Here are the overall results of last night re-voting 52 years after the 1969 contest: 



    The online voting has several ups and downs in comparison to the actual results back in 1969. Check below the differences for all countries: 

    1. Salomé (Spain)“Vivo cantando” (=)
    2. Lulu (United Kingdom) “Boom Bang-a-Bang” (-1)
    3. Lenny Kuhr (The Netherlands) — “De troubadour” (-2)
    4. Frida Boccara (France)“Un jour, un enfant” (-3)
    5. Simone de Oliveira (Portugal) — “Desfolhada portuguesa” (+10)
    6. Iva Zanicchi (Italy) — “Due grosse lacrime bianche” (+7)
    7. Paola del Medico (Switzerland) — “Bonjour, Bonjour” (-2)
    8. Muriel Day & The Lindsays (Ireland) — “The Wages of Love” (-1)
    9. Tommy Körberg (Sweden) — “Judy, min vän” (=)
    10. Siw Malmkvist (Germany) — “Primaballerina” (-1)
    11. Jean Jacques (Monaco) — “Maman, maman” (-5)
    12. Kristi Sparboe (Norway) — “Oj, oj, oj, så glad jeg skal bli” (+4)
    13. Jarkko & Laura (Finland) — “Kuin silloin ennen” (-1)
    14. Louis Neefs (Belgium) — “Jennifer Jennings” (-7)
    15. Ivan & 4M (Yugoslavia) — “Pozdrav svijetu” (-2)
    16. Romuald (Luxembourg) — “Catherine” (-5)


    In case you missed out you can watch the whole Eurovision 1969 show on the official ESC Youtube Channel:


    News Source/Image: #EurovisionAgainTwitter