Eurofans Radio; What A Party!!

Eurofans Radio; What A Party!!
Wednesday, 26 April 2023

  • Last Thursday, Sodade, one of the Athens' hottest nightclubs, hosted an unforgettable Eurovision- themed party powered by Eurofans Radio that had attendees dancing and singing along all night long.

    Everyone were strucked by the club's colorful and vibrant decor. The walls were adorned with flags from every participating country and a large screen displayed highlights from this year's entries as well as from previous contests. The stage was set for a night of music and celebration.


    The music was provided by DJ Skevo, who had a great selection of Eurovision hits from past and present, including the upcoming entries of this year's contest. The dancefloor was packed full of people, all singing along to their favorite Eurovision tunes.

    The host of the evening was Takis Fotiou, our radio producer and co-owner, who shared some interesting facts about this year's Eurovision contest, which will be held in Liverpool, United Kingdom. He gave us also a sneak peak of the songs and artists who will be competing.


    Constantinos Kasidiaris, Takis Fotiou and DJ Skevo.


    One of the biggest highlights of the night was undoubtedly the performances by the employees of Sodade. They dressed up in costumes inspired by past memorable Eurovision entries and gave stunning performances that had everyone cheering and clapping. It was clear that they put a lot of effort and creativity into their performances and the crowd loved every moment of it. Of course you can check and follow our official TikTok account for more!

    Party 20231


    pARTY 20232


    Party 20233




    Overall, Sodade's Eurovision party supported by Eurofans Radio was a huge success. The combination of great music, amazing performances and a lively crowd made for an unforgettable night of fun and celebration. We can't wait for next year's party!!