Czech Republic: Vesna selected for Eurovision 2023

Czech Republic: Vesna selected for Eurovision 2023
Tuesday, 07 February 2023

  • Vasna have been selected to represent Czech Republic at Eurovision 2023 after winning the national final ESCZ 2023  with their song "My Sister's Crown". 

    A total of 5 finalists took part in ESCZ 2023 with the candidates compete all live last week and the results announced today Meeting Hub Opero in Prague hosted by Adam Mišík.




    The five entries of the Czech ESC 2023 national final were:

    1. Maella – “Flood” 
    2. Pam Rabbit – “Ghosting” 
    3. Markéta Irglová – “Happy”  
    4. Vesna – “My Sister’s Crown” 
    5. RODAN – “Introvert Party Club” 

    The final outcome was determined 70% by international voters and 30% by Czech fans. The public had the chance to cast their votes through the official Eurovision app from January 30 to February 6. 


    The results came out as following:

    1. Vesna – “My Sister’s Crown” 10,584 points (3,501 + 7,083) 
    2. Pam Rabbit – “Ghosting” 5,634 points (1,417 + 4,217) 
    3. RODAN – “Introvert Party Club” 2,496 points (501 + 1,995) 
    4. Markéta Irglová – “Happy”  1,193 points (184 + 1,009) 
    5. Maella – “Flood” 694 points (95 + 599) 


    You can watch the full results video here.


    A few words about Vesna

    Vesna is a female band led by singer-songwriter Patricie Fuxova. During their tenure, the band has released two albums, including duets with Vojta Dyk and František Černý (Čechomor). In 2019, Vesna received a nomination for the Anděl Awards and was chosen as a support act by the Scandinavian singer Aurora. Vesna’s music uses elements of folklore set to modern pop, creating her characteristic combination of dreamy and lively music on stage. The band’s permanent members come from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Russia.


    Czech Republic in Eurovision

    Czech Republic appeared for the first time in the Contest in 2007 with  Kabat. A a row of disappointing results the country withdrew in 2010 and didn’t return until 2016. In 2016 its return was followed by a grand final qualification for the first time . The best result came for the country in 2018 with  Mikolas Josef who achieved a top 10 placing by finishing  6th , in  Lisbon with his entry Lie to me.

    In 2020 Benny Cristo was selected to represent the country with his song "Kemama" but as this year's contest was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic his Eurovision 2020 journey remained incomplete.  However the Czech hopeful had the chance to reach his Eurovision destination in 2021 with his song 'Omaga', but despite his energetic semi final 2 performance in Rotterdam failed to reach the Grand final show. 

    Last year 'We are Domi' won the national selection and went off to Turin representing the country with their song 'Lights off'. They came  4th in Semi-Final Two winning the ticket to the Grand final where they finished in 22nd place receiving 38 points.

     News Source/ Image: ESCZ/ ČT