Poland: Miłosz Świetlik Skierski wins the second semi final show of Szansa na Sukces – Eurowizja Junior 2021

Poland: Miłosz Świetlik Skierski wins the second semi final show of Szansa na Sukces – Eurowizja Junior 2021
Sunday, 12 September 2021

  • Miłosz Świetlik Skierski is the second  finalist of the Polish Junior Eurovision 2021 selection 'Szansa na Sukces – Eurowizja Junior 2021' after winning the 2nd semi final round. 

    The show 'Szansa na Sukces' ( Chance for Success) is serving for the thrid time as the selection format for the Polish representative for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. As in previous years, this year's  format will consist of four rounds. The first three will be the qualifying themed heats through which will be selected  the participants of the final show, which will take place on September 26 

    This afternoon the second semi final took place with a total of seven acts competing for one spot of the final. The contestants in this round performed covers of songs from fairy tales about Pan Kleks,  a fictional character in a series of books by Polish writer Jan Brzechwa. The 7 contestants were: 

    • Miłosz Świetlik Skierski
    • Grzegorz Stachera
    • Maria Chwastek
    • Laura Rumpel
    • Julia Kołodziejak
    • Patrycja Wsół
    • Lena Tylus


    Miłosz Świetlik Skierski won the 2nd semi final in which the result was determined by a jury formed by the following jurors: 

    • Maryla Rodowicz – Singer / actress
    • Ida Nowakowska – Actress, dancer, and presenter - Junior Eurovision 2019 & 2020 host
    • Viki Gabor – Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019 Winner 

    This marks the first time a boy achieves to qualify to the final of 'Szansa na Sukces. 


    A few words for Miłosz Świetlik Skierski

    Miłosz Świetlik Skierski comes from Rzeszów where he has been developing his passion. The 12-year-old is studying in a bilingual class. Music is his greatest passion, but not the only one. The singer is also interested in photography and cooking, and his signature dish is spaghetti carbonara. Miłosz is also active in his social media. He willingly shares his vocal achievements with fans. He can be found, among others, on Instagram, where he has published the backstage of hos victory in the second episode of Szansa na Sukces.



    Poland in Junior Eurovision

    Poland’s first participation at the competition was in  2003, while she was absent the years 2005 – 2015. The country’s worst result came in 2004 when it finished 17th . In 2018 with  Roksana Węgiel the country scored its first victory in Minsk, Belarus with her entry  Anyone I Want To Be , which was followed by a second in a row win with Viki Gabor and her song "Superhero" in Gliwice- Silesia. 

    Last year, Ala Tracz represented the nationl with the song  “I’ll Be Standing” and came 9th with 90 points.

    News Source: Eurowizija.org

    Image: Instagram @Miłoszskierskiofficial