Norway: NRK will not return to Junior Eurovision in 2021

Norway: NRK will not return to Junior Eurovision in 2021
Friday, 02 April 2021

  • The Norwegian national broadcaster ,NRK, has confirmed  that they will not take part in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021.

    As Eurofestivals reports, NRK Executive Producer and member of the NRK Entertainment Department, Eva Rutgerson, confirmed that at this time NRK does not have plans to participate in the the children's competition.

    Despite this decision, NRK will hold the Melodi Grand Prix Junior on May 29, sticking with the country's tradition. In Norway, the children's program " Melodi Grand Prix Junior " is an annual program that has been broadcast since 2002 and was the method by which your representative was selected for Junior Eurovision.
    After the decision of NRK, it seems unlikely that Norway will participate in this contest, despite the fact that the country has another member in the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), however this organization (TV2) has never participated in any event of the Eurovision family.
    Norway in Junior Eurovision 
    Norway debuted at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2003 and participated until 2005. The country withdrew in 2006, and despite not having won on any occasion, the country hosted the contest back in 2004.
    News Source: Eurofestivals