Junior Eurovision 2021 Rehearsals: 1st Rehearsal for Malta's Ike & Kaya

Junior Eurovision 2021 Rehearsals: 1st Rehearsal for Malta's Ike & Kaya
Tuesday, 14 December 2021

  • The rehearsals for Junior Eurovision 2021 continue in this Day 1 of rehearsal at La Seine Musicale with the third act to rehearse the duet Ike and Kaya from Malta.

    Junior Eurovision 2021 rehearsals kick off in Paris with the 9 out of the 19 competing acts will be taking the stage to rehearse their entries on the stage of La Seine Musicale, the concert hall that will host this year's Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Namely Portugal, Ireland, Malta, Netherland, Germany, Italy, Georgia, Spain and Poland are scheduled to make their first rehearsals. 

    Next up on stgae to make their first rehearsal are Ike and Kaya from Malta who in Sunday's live show will be performing  4th.  The Maltese duet will be singing the song 'My Home' and it seems that they are making the stage their home conveying an overwhelming vibe of warmness and sensitivity. 

    The two of them appear on stage wearing outfits of a different style. Kaya is wearing a short gown with tulles, looking like a princess that has came out of a fairytale while Ike is dressed in a more sporty, alternative urban style tracksuit. While their apperance inidcates two different worlds they deliver their song in harmony and matching with each other.

    In the background a blossom tress is display, with the backdrop splitting after into a nature and urban setting to adjust itself to the acts different style of appearances. 


    A few words for  Ike and Kaya

    Ike Mizzi has been involved in the music industry for around 2 years and a half, and his life has never been better ever since. He had the opportunity to participate in local festivals and even local music videos. He is also very honoured to say that he took part in Keen’v music video “Pour y arriver” as the main actor.

    For  Kaya Gouder Curmi music has been her passion since when she was five years old. She have competed in different festivals such as SanRemo Junior where she placed first in her category. She also had the opportunity to participate in last year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest and reached the final.

    Of all the mentioned competitions and festivals, Malta’s Got Talent is the competition which holds the best place in their heart because it was in this competition that they were united and started to perform their popular duets. They are proud that they managed to make it through the finals and place 4th of all thise talentes contestans.  All these experiences have helped them to become more confident together on stage and they cannot wait to share more experiences together.

    Their  Junior Eurovision 2021 entry has been penned by Owen Leuellen & MUXU while behind the composition is Cyprian Cassar.


    News source: Junioreurovision.tv

    Image: Andres Putting/EBU