Denmark: No plans of returning in Junior Eurovision 2021

Denmark: No plans of returning in Junior Eurovision 2021
Tuesday, 08 June 2021

  • The Danish broadcaster DR has confirmed that they will not be returning to this year’s Junior Eurovision set to take place in Paris on December 19.

    The Danish Public Broadcasting Corporation (DR) has confirmed to Eurofestivals that they are not going to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest Junior 2021

    Back In the 2018 edition, the EBU called on Denmark to return to the competition, however, Mr Jan Lagermand Lundme refused, arguing that:

    “The values that we put in Denmark in a children’s program do not coincide with the values of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. It seems that children are on stage and playing adults instead of acting like children … Children must be children, they should not try to strive to be something they are not. 

    Denmark last took part in Junior Eurovision in the 2005 contest, held in Hasselt, Belgium. The broadcaster withdrew from the contest due to, among other reasons, too much pressure being placed upon the junior singers.

    Denmark in Junior Eurovision

    Denmark took part as host country of the first edition of the competition back in 2003 in Copenhagen. The Danish capital city hosted the first ever contest back in 2003, when the country finished 5th with Anne Gadegaard and her song “Arabiens drøm” . The next year Denmark achieved another 5th placing with Cool Kids .

    In 2005 Nicolai Kielstrup gave the country an honorable 4th place , marking Denmark’s last participation in the competiton In 2006, Denmark announced they would not return to the junior contest and would instead continue to take part in MGP Nordic alongside Sweden’s SVT and Norway’s NRK

    Source: Eurofestivales