Georgia: Here are the Ranina 2021 first heat results

Georgia: Here are the Ranina 2021 first heat results
Sunday, 12 September 2021

  • The Georgian Junior Eurovision 2021 selection kicked off Saturday night with the first five acts taking the stage in first show of Ranina.


    Georgia is selecting once again its Junior Eurovision 2021 hopeful through the Ranina show, the 4th season of which kicked off Saturday night with the first five contestants out of a total of 10 that will compete in this year's selection. 


    The five acts that took the stage were: 


    • Guga Nadiradze
    • Mariam Boukhnikashvili
    • Datuna Luarsabishvili
    • Ioana Navadze
    • Keso Russia

    The contestants performed before a jury formed by three members who voted for the perfromance by awarding up to 40 points to each performance. The points are based on  four criteria taking in mind:  vocal,  Staging/performance, artistry, collaboration. In this first heat all competing act received maximum points from all three jurors. 

    You can watch in the video below all the performances of the night and how the jurors evaluated them: 

    The next set of five contestants will take the stage next week in the second show of Ranina. 


    Georgia in Junior Eurovision

    Georgia participated first time in Junior Eurovision in 2007 and is one of the most successful nations in the competiton. The country has won the contest 3 times , namely in 2008, 2011 and 2016. Out of 12 participations it has finished in a top 10 placing 11 times while the worst result came in 2014 when Georgia finished 11th. In 2018 Tamar Edilashvili represented the country with the song Your Voice, which came 8th with a total of  144 points.

    In 2019 Giorgi Rostiashvili won the ticket to represent Georgia in Poland with the song  entitled We Need Love that finished 14th with 69 points, the worst result up to date. 

    Last year Sandra Gandelia won the show "Ranina" and represented Georigia in Warsaw with the song "You are not alone" which finished 6th with 111 points. 

     News Source: GPB

    Image: GPB