Armenia wins Junior Eurovision 2021 with Malena Fox singing "Qami Qami"

Armenia wins Junior Eurovision 2021 with Malena Fox singing
Sunday, 19 December 2021

  • Armenia is the big winner of Junior Eurovision 2021 with Malena Fox performing the song "Qami Qami".

    After weeks of preparations and four days of rehearsals here at the La Seine Musicale concert hall in Paris, the final live show took place this afternoon   declaring  as winner of the 19th edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest .Armenia's Malena Fox and her song 'Qami Qami'. 

    The show took place with an audience present but in accrodance with strict sanitory and safety protocols.



    Opening of the Show

    The show opened with the flag parade and the presentation of this year's 19 competing countries and acts under the music of the Dj duo Ofenbach.


    Once that was complete the three host of the show came forward with actor and TV presenter, Olivier Minne, popular persona and politician Élodie Gossuin and the French JESC 2019 act, Carla taking their spots on the stage





    This year a total of 19 competing countries were in the run for the trophy which  appeared on stage in the following running order:

    🇩🇪 Germany: Pauline – Imagine Us


    🇬🇪 Georgia: Niko Kajaia – Let’s Count The Smiles



    🇵🇱 Poland: Sara James – Somebody



    🇲🇹 Malta: Ike & Kaya – My Home



    🇮🇹 Italy: Elisabetta Lizza – Specchio (Mirror On The Wall)



    🇧🇬 Bulgaria: Denislava & Martin – Voice Of Love



    🇷🇺 Russia: Tanya Mezhentseva – Mon Ami



    🇮🇪 Ireland: Maiú Levi Lawlor – Saor (Disappear)



    🇦🇲 Armenia: Maléna – Qami Qami



    🇰🇿 Kazakhstan: Alinur Khazim & Beknur Zhanibekuly – Ертегі әлемі (Fairy World)



    🇦🇱 Albania: Anna Gjebrea – Stand By You



    🇺🇦 Ukraine: Olena Usenko – Vazhil



    🇫🇷 France: Enzo – Tic Tac



    🇦🇿 Azerbaijan: Sona Azizova – One Of Those Days



    🇳🇱 Netherlands: Ayana – Mata Sugu Aō Ne



    🇪🇸 Spain: Levi Díaz – Reír



    🇷🇸 Serbia: Jovana & Dunja – Oči Deteta (Children’s Eyes)



    🇲🇰 North Macedonia: Datje Muzika – Green Forces



    🇵🇹 Portugal: Simão Oliveira – O Rapaz


    Once the comepting part was over the lines opened again for voting juat for 15 minutes while the show saw last year's winner, sweet Valentina perform a Christmas version of her winning entry "J'Imagine" .


    In addition all of the 19 competing acts took to the stage for one more time to sing all toether this year's common song 'Imagine"


    Just before the results were announced the sensational Barbara Pravi gave a captivating performance of a special version of "Voila" her Eurovision 2021 song that came 2nd in Rotterdam. 




    The winner was determined by a combination of jury voting and an online voting. The jury vote was determined one day before during the jury show while the online voting that had started on Friday evening and closed just before the live show, reopened for 15 minutes after all acts had completed their performances. Each voting had a 50% share on the final outcome.


    Jury Voting

    The juries’ votes declared winner the country of France receiving 120 points while second came Poland with 116 points and third Armenia with 115 points. This how the scoreboard was after the 19 national juries' votes were in:

    Jury vote jesc2021


    Online Voting

    Once the jury voting was revealed the hosts went on with the points from the online voting with the overall scoreboard declaring winner Malena Fox from Armenia! 

    Final Score


    Watch the last minutes of the exciting voting announcent that concluded with Armenia's big victory: 


    Congratulations Armenia and Malena Fox for your victory and the amazing winning performance of 'Qami Qami": 


    News Source/image: Andres Putting