Junior Eurovision 2019: The full jury and online voting results

Junior Eurovision 2019: The full jury and online voting results
Sunday, 24 November 2019

  • Poland won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Viki Garbor receiving a total of 278 points leaving behing Kazakhstan with 227 poins. Soon after the live show the full jury results were released by EBU while the online voting saw a total of 3.77 million votes determining the final winner!


    During the Jury final show on Friday 19 national juries cast their votes. Each jury consisted of three music experts and two children. Each juror had to rank the other 18 entries of the countries his country was competing against. Therefore the total jury vote was made up of a total of 95 individual rankings which leaded to the  overall jury voting scoreboard

    Check out on the official Junioreurovision.tv website the whole scoreboard of jury votes with all the votes from each juror of each country!


    The EBU made public the total amout of votes that were cast by the public, making it easier to calculate how many votes each comepting country received!

    According to what the hosts mentioned during the live show a total  of 3.77 million votes were cast online during the two rounds of public voting. Taking in mind tha  the online voting points are determined by the percentage of online votes received and the fact that   the availiable online voting points are 1.102  an approximately estimation of the online voting scoreboard would roughly look as following:

    Poland 166 15.06% 568,000
    Spain 104 9.44% 356,000
    France 84 7.62% 287,000
    The Netherlands 81 7.35% 277,000
    Kazakhstan 79 7.17% 270,000
    Italy 64 5.81% 219,000
    Serbia 63 5.72% 216,000
    Russia 57 5.17% 195,000
    North Macedonia 50 4.54% 171,000
    Belarus 48 4.36% 164,000
    Armenia 45 4.08% 154,000
    Portugal 43 3.90% 147,000
    Australia 39 3.54% 133,000
    Ireland 34 3.09% 116,000
    Georgia 32 2.90% 109,000
    Ukraine 31 2.81% 106,000
    Albania 29 2.63% 99,000
    Malta 27 2.45% 92,000
    Wales 26 2.36% 89,000

    The closest in points country to Poland that came first with 568.000 points, was Spain which received approx. a total of 356.000 votes , 210.000 votes less then the winner country of Poland. However the resutls show a massive show up of votes for the Polish act which gave her the trophy taking in mind that in the jury vote she came second behind Kazakhstan.

    Sourse: Eurovision.tv – EscXtra