Spain: More acts confirmed for PrePartyES 2021

Spain: More acts confirmed  for PrePartyES 2021
Thursday, 08 April 2021

  • More acts have been confirmed for the PrePartyES 2021 event which is set to take place on April 24. 

    Following the success of PrePartyES At Home - an online tribute concert that took place online due to the COVID-19 outbreak in April 2020 - for the fifth consecutive year Eurovision will return to Spain through PrePartyES 2021. Due to current conditions  of the pandemic, the organisers, Eurovision Spain, decided to repeat the party in its online format. PrePartyES 2021 will thus become a great virtual concert just a month before the grand final of the European competition on May 22 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The event that normally takes place in Madrid will feature several Eurovision 2021 contestants. 

    The organisers of the event, have been updating their list of acts that have comfirmed their participation in the online event.  According to the recently updated list of act published on the event's official twitter account here are the following acts to take part: 

    • Montaigne (Australia)
    • VICTORIA (Bulgaria)
    • Albina (Croatia)
    • Barbara Pravi (France)
    • Jendrik (Germany)
    • Lesley Roy (Ireland)
    • Samanta Tīna (Latvia)
    • Destiny (Malta)
    • Vasil (North Macedonia)
    • Senhit (San Marino)
    • Hurricane (Serbia)
    • Go_A (Ukraine)


    With most of the pre party events cancelled due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic Preparty is one of the few pre Eurovision events to take part. This year's edition wants to highlight the debuts of the participating countries. These first participations are a faithful reflection of the history of Europe and of how the festival has evolved since its foundation in 1956. Spain will have on the spotlight, as this year the country celebrates the 60th anniversary of its premiere in the contest.

    The online event will be totally free so that anyone in any corner of the world can enjoy the virtual concert openly. The fans can watch the online concert on April 24 at 22:00 CET on or the official Eurovision-Spain YouTube Channel


    The 2020 online edition

    Despite the cancellation of Eurovision 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, last year the PrePartyES at Home met great audience success. Approximately 43,000 people followed the broadcast live and another 30,000 did so delayed during the following week. Currently, more than 120,000 people have seen the concert or one of its performances. The event, in addition, was # 1 Trending Topic in Spain and top 10 in numerous countries inside and outside Europe, and many of the invited artists entered the first positions of the trends.

    In case you missed out you can always step back in time and watch it below: 


    News Source/image : Eurovision-Spain