Eurovision 2022: Italy's cities queue up to host next year's contest

Eurovision 2022: Italy's cities queue up to host next year's contest
Wednesday, 26 May 2021

  • More and more cities in Italy are queuing up, expressing their ambition to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, after Maneskin's victory in Rotterdam.

    Local authorities and Mayors of cities across Italy are expressing their will to become the next Eurovosion host cities forming a list of at least 10 cities that have clearly confirmed their interest to host the 66th Eurovision Song Contest next year in Italy. 

    Italian cities that declared their desire to host the next competiton, as soon as Maneskin were crowned winners in Rotterdam, are included the list of cities joining the race and confiremd their intention  to take part in the host city bid. 


    So far the 10 cities that have confirmed their interest to take part in the Eurovision 2022 host city bid are: 

    • Rome
    • Turin
    • Milan
    • Bologna
    • Pesaro
    • Florence
    • Rimini
    • Reggio Emilia
    • Verona
    • San Remo

    According to EBU, for hosting Eurovision  there are requirements to be met in order to aspire to host the event that brings an important induced in terms of number of tourists. In fact, not only the structure where Eurovision will be held must be evaluated , but also the accommodation capacity (to accommodate thousands of tourists) and above all the international connections.


    Fundamental Requirements

    Let's start immediately with the main and fundamental requirements by the EBU ( European Broadcasting Union) to be able to nominate a city and a specific structure.

    • Arena or other closed structure (therefore no stadiums without coverage) with a capacity of at least 10,000 effective seats (calculating the presence of the stage) and a height of at least 18 meters.
    • Convenient connections with one or more international airports.
    • Adequate accommodation capacity (to accommodate tens of thousands of people, including tourists, journalists and delegations).


    Previously we have posted which four cites already fulfill the conditions to host such a demanding event as the Eurovision Song Contest, with so many parameters to be covered in order for the competition to be held smoothly. Beside that it is totally understandable why after a tough year for tourism with the ongoing lockdowns many cities aim to revive their touristic performance and promote their locations through a contest that is watched by so many millions worldwide. 

    In the past years when the contest was a hosted in Italy, it took place in Naples, in 1965, after the victory of Gigliola Cinquetti and in Rome in 1991, after the victory of Toto Cutugno.

    The porcess for the host city will unfold over the next 2-3 months and is expected to reach to a final decision by the end of summer if we take into account the host city bid for the previous contest but an earlier date cannot be excluded.