Eurovision 2021: Today the 1st Semi Final Jury Show takes place in Rotterdam Ahoy

Eurovision 2021: Today the 1st Semi Final Jury Show takes place in Rotterdam Ahoy
Monday, 17 May 2021

  • After yesterday's Opening Ceremony Eurovision week commences with the Semi Final 1 Jury Show taking place this evening in Rotterdam Ahoy. 

    As Eurovision is going to its final week of shows, this evening Jury rehearsal show for the Semi Final 1 competing acts will take place in Rotterdam Ahoy. 

    The 16 competing acts will take the stage and perform their entries which will be watched by the 16 national juries and the juries from The Netherlands, Germany and Italy who were draw to vote in this semi final show. 

    The Jury show is of significant importance as the jury votes count as the 50% of the score with the rest 50% been deteremined tomorrow by the public votes during tomorrow's semi final 1 live show. 

    The 16 act will appear on stage in the following running order: 

    1. Lithuania – The Roop (Discoteque)
    2. Slovenia – Ana Soklic (Amen)
    3. Russia – Manizha (Russian Woman)
    4. Sweden – Tusse  (Voices)
    5. Αustralia – Montaigne (Technicolour)
    6. North Macedonia – Vasil  (Here I Stand)
    7. Ireland – Lesley Roy (Maps)
    8. Cyprus – Elena Tsagrinou  (El Diablo)
    9. Norway – TIX (Fallen Angel)
    10. Croatia – Albina  (Tick – Tock)
    11. Belgium – Hooverphonic (The Wrong Place)
    12. Israel – Eden Alene (Set Me Free)
    13. Romania – Roxen (Amnesia)
    14. Azerbaijan – Efendi (Mata Hari)
    15. Ukraine – Go_A (Shum) 
    16. Malta – Destiny (Je Me Casse)

    This evening's juring show will not be broadcaster live or can the onsite press film any part of the show as it's exclusively aired for the national juriies. Addtionally a dress rehearsal is set for 15:00 CET which is accessable to the press and will give one more chances to the competing acts to get even more prepared for the live shows.  

    Here is the official recaps of the comepting songs in Semi Final 1: