Eurovision 2021: The viewing figures for this year's contest

Eurovision 2021: The viewing figures for this year's contest
Wednesday, 26 May 2021

  • The Eurovision Song Contest is the biggest and longest in history music song contest on television, a fact that even this year's tv viewing figures confirmed. 

    While every year is different in tv viewing numbers from country to country, the 2021 viewing figures were not the exception for this year's contest in Rotterdam. Some countries saw their Eurovision audience grow the night of the Grand final while in other nations the contest saw a low number of spectators.

    With the national tv viewing figures still coming in day by day lets go and see the ones that have already been released: 


    • France: 5,492,000 million viewers (31.4% share., the biggest sing 2009 when 5,706,000 viewers watched Patricia Kaas defending the French colors in Moscow.
    • Germany : 7.74 million viewers, the lowest since 2017.
    • Austria: 596,000 viewers the lowest sing 2013.
    • United Kingdom: 7.4 million viewers the largest audience sing 2014 when 8.8 million watched the show.
    • The Netherlands: Over 5.4 million people watched the show, best rating for the show in the 2000's.
    • Finland: 1.4 million people tuned in, best rating since 2007 when they hosted the show.
    • Italy: 4.5 million people tuned in across the country (25% share) new record for RAI. 
    • Romania:  178,000 viewers the third overall lowest figure for the country.
    • Spain: 4,071,000 viewers (29.4% share) the day's highest but the lowest of the decade (except 2017). 
    • Portugal: 1.2 million viewers (26,9% share),  3,213,000 viewers over the course of broadcast the largest for this year.
    • Sweden: 2.9 million viewers, 400.000 more than 2019, the most watched show of the day. 
    • Serbia: 2.5 million viewers (43,1% of the viewing audience) the highest audience share since 2012.
    • Greece: 2.035 million viewers (49,4% audience share) the biggest since the 2014 edition. 
    • Australia:  288,000 viewers , a drop from the 412,000 viewers back in 2019. 
    • Poland: 1.5 million viewers (16,3% share)
    • Cyprus: 173,730 viewers (62.8% share) for RIK
    • Norway: 1.4 million viewers ( 86% share) the highest ratings since 2015 while the share is the biggest since 2010.
    • Denmark: 533,000 viewers a drop of 562,000 viewers compared to the 2019. 
    • Estonia: 145,000 viewers  (45.3% share) the lowest in time for a Grand final show. 
    • Lithuania: 897,600 viwers on LRT plus 100.000 online, the highest viewing audience to date.


    With more countries to reveal their tv ratings the days to come, the overall impression remains the same: The Eurovision Song Contest remains the globe's biggest TV music contest show. Of course we see ups and downs that mostly relate to the country's act and potential to qualify to the final, achieve a high placing or even win the contest. 

    With the qualifiaction factor influencing the people's interest from year to year and from country to county and taking in mind that the peak numbers are even higher from the average numbers of spectators, the contest's population is growing attracting the younger generations to follow the event.



    News Source: national broadcasters