Eurovision 2021 odds winner: The betting odds after the first semi final show

Eurovision 2021 odds winner: The betting odds after the first semi final show
Wednesday, 19 May 2021

  • With the first semi final 1 qualifiers determined the betting odds have been showing some ups and downs for the countries over the last hours. 

    The results from the first semi final show as expected had a significant impact on the bookies' predictions on the favorites to win this year's Eurovision Song Contest. 

    Once the first semi final 1 qualifiers were determined some countries started losing ground and some others have started to climb strongly on the betting odds board. 



    The Top 10 favorites

    Italy has kept its lead in the betting odds since last weeks second rehearsal followed close by Barbara Pravi from France. Italy has a 22% chance of winning the contest while France 19% which is a close margin between the two Big-5 countries. In addition Destiny from Malta is back in the game and after her Semi final qualifying performance she is currently 3rd with a strong trend for a better betting performance. 

    However the most impressive and dynamic betting performance over the hours come from Ukraine's Go_A who not only filled in the last spot of the 10 qualifiers but have also climbed in the 5th place in the bookies' preferences with a strong trend of moving even more up further. 

    On the other hand losses for Cyprus with Elena Tsagrinou dropping 4 spots and is currently 8th and Greece who is out of the top 10 placed currently 11th. Meanwhile Iceland has lost one spot and is 5th while Switzerland is now 6th passing Bulgaria which dropped in the 7th place. In the last two top 10 places we see Senhit from San Marino who has made a dynamic comeback in the top 10 placed 9th followed by Lithuania's The Roop at 10th place. 


    bets top10


    Close to the top 10 ( Places 11 to 20) 

    Close to the top 10 places are Greece with Stefania, which after several of days in the 10th place has dropped one place down to the 11th spot. The Greek hopeful is followed by Sweden and Russia which are currently placed 12th and 13th resprectively. 

    One country that stands out in this group of placing is Azerbaijan the Semi final performance of which saw Efendi boosted into the top 20 and is now placed 16th but with a strong trend of receiving more bets over the hours. You can see how the places from 11 to 20 have developed below: 


    bets top11 20


    Places from 21 to 33

    Here are how the rest places on the betting odds board look like up to date: 

    bet 21to33


    Of course bets and positions are a constantly a changing factor and we will certainly experience ups and downs in the coming hours especially after the semi final 2 results are in. However the trends show a persistant preference for the top 3 Italy, France , or Malta. However as Eurovision has been full of surprises whatever might that mean for the final outcome. 


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