Eurovision 2024: EBU's announcement regarding the investigation for Joost Klein

Eurovision 2024: EBU's announcement regarding the investigation for Joost Klein
Friday, 10 May 2024

  • EBU has released an offcial annoucement regarding the invetstivagtion around an incident concerning the Dutch entrant, Joost Klein. 

    Trouble waters for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 organisers with an 'incident' taking place involving the Dutch delegate, Joost Klein, and an investigation underway by the EBU to solve the issue. 

    Without many details refealed around the incident that came up involving Joost Klein, the EBU started an investigation to shed light on the matter and take action accordingly. With the Jury show and the Grand final live show just a step away thing get more complicated on how the show will progress.

    During the afternoon press rehearsal the Dutch delegate didn't show up which triggered dozens of rumors and speculations on what's the story behind his absence. 

    EBU released on the matter sheding some light on whatis going on and how things regarding his participation will develope that reads as following:

    The investigation into the incident with the Dutch artist in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest is still ongoing. Discussions are also taking place between the EBU and AVROTROS, the Dutch participating broadcaster.

    While the investigation continues the EBU has decided that Joost Klein will not perform during Dress Rehearsal 2 of the competition which is voted on by juries in the 37 participating countries.

    His performance from Semi Final 2 will be used instead.

    Thus we will not see Joost on stage performing this evening fro the jury show and we will have to wait and see where EBU's investigation will lead and what kind of further action it could bring. 


    Eurovision 2024 caught up in the arguement on Israeli - Gaza conflict 

    Already from yesterday tension was spotted during the semi-final 2 qualifiers press conference when Joost after a question addressed to the Israeli delegate asking if her participation jeopadises the other acts' security and the host reminding her that she cannnot answer if she doesn't want to, he answered 'Why Not' creating a very tensed atmosphere in the press conference room.

    However, the majority of the present media did not agree with his way and applaused to Eden Golan's answer that the she is sure that the EBU is doing their best to have all the artists safe.  

    Meanwhile,several pro-Palestine protests are taking place in the city of Malmo, while during yeasterday's semi-final two the Belgian broadcaster, interrupted it's transmission during the Israeli performance in order to broadcast a anti-war message critisizing the Israeli military action in Gaza. 


    News source:|EBU