Georgia: Iru Khechanovi's entry "Echo" will be released on March 16

Georgia: Iru Khechanovi's entry
Monday, 13 March 2023

  • Georgia will be revealing the song titled "Echo" of the country's Eurovision hopeful, Iru Khechanovi that will be singing in Liverpool on March 16, 2023.

    After winning the Voice of Georgia Iru Khechanovi booked the golden ticket to Liverpool representing the nation i n the 67th edition of Eurovision Song Contest. The Georgian entry will be released this Thursday and its titled "Echo".



    Even though we don't know the genre of the song it was been confirmed that Iru Khechanovi has worked with Giga Kukhiadnidze who has written all three of Georgia’s Junior Eurovision-winning songs. Iru Khechanovi will compete in the second half of the second semi-final on May 11.



    A few words about Iru

    Iru Khechanovi has Georgian origins. She was one of the members of the group Candy that represented Georgia in JESC 2011 and with the score 108 points became the winners of the contest. 


    Georgia in Eurovision

    Georgia participated in the Eurovision Song Contest first time in 2007 with Sopho Khalvashi and her song Visionary dream . Since then it has competed 11 times missing out only the 2009 edition of the contest, when they chose to withdraw. Its best results were scored in Oslo with Sofia Nizharadze and her song Shine (2010) and Dusseldorf with Eldrine and the entry One More Day (2011) when both achieved a 9th placing in the Grand Final.

    In 2020, won the Georgian Idol and was set  to represent Georgia at the 65th Eurovision Song Contestin Rotterdam with his song  “Take me as i am.  Unfortunately, the contest was cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak depriving Kipiani of the chance to perform on Rotterdam Ahoy’s stage. In 2021 Tornike was selected internally for Eurovision 2021 in Rotterdam where he competed in the second semi final with the ballad song "You" , which sadly didn't qualify to the final.

    Last year Circus Mircus were internally selected to represent the nation in Turin where they came last in the 2nd semi final with their song  ‘Lock me in' failing to reach the Grand final. 


    News Source/ Image: GPB