Eurovision 2023 hosting: Brighton in the running of hosting Eurovision next year

Eurovision 2023 hosting: Brighton in the running of hosting Eurovision next year
Monday, 20 June 2022

  • Brighton will be one of the UK's cities to submit a bid to host the 67th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2023. 

    Following the EBU's decision Ukraine not to host next year's contest and after starting talks with UK's BBC, cites across the country as queing up to express their interest in hosting the next Eurovision Song Contest. 

    According to the leader of Brighton & Hove City's Council  the city will be bidding to host the next Eurovision if that takes places in the UK next year. 

    Talking to The Argus, the leader of the Council said: 

    "Of course, it was in Brighton and Hove that ABBA launched their global career when they won with Waterloo at the Brighton Dome in 1974. We’d love to see the event come back to the city and share some of our lucky stardust with the next global superstars.

    We will now approach the European Broadcasting Union and the BBC to formally express our interest. We know that many other cities will be interested in hosting and we look forward to hearing which city will be successful. After all, as ABBA have said, the winner takes it all."


    EBU's requirements of hosting Eurovision 

    In order for a city to host the Eurovision SOng Contest in 2022 it must meet a specific number of  requirements. Namely the host city must have: 

    • An international airport no more than 90 minutes from the city.

    • Over 2,000 hotel rooms in the area close to the event.

    • An infrastructure (stadium/venue/centre) capable of hosting a large-scale live broadcast with the minimum requirements listed below.

    In addtion the infrastructure should:

    • Be indoors with air-conditioning and have a well defined perimeter;

    • Have an audience capacity in the main hall of around 8,000 – 10,000 during the event (which corresponds to 70% of maximum capacity of that venue for regular concerts, taking into consideration the specific stage and production needs of the Eurovision Song Contest);

    • Have a main hall with the capacity to house the set and all other requirements needed to produce a high level broadcast production (this includes good specifications of load capacity in the roof, clearance to low beams, easy load in access, etc);

    • Have ample space within easy access of the main hall to support additional production needs, such as: a press centre, delegation spaces, dressing rooms, artist facilities, staff facilities, hospitality, audience facilities, etc;

    • Be available exclusively for 6 weeks before the event, 2 weeks during the show (which will take place in May) and a week after the end of the event for dismantling.


    Brighton as a potential Eurovision 2023 host city

    Rocking in the aisles | Dome and Corn Exchange | My Brighton and Hove

    Brighton is a seaside resort and one of the two main areas of the City of Brighton and Hove. Located on the south coast of England, in the county of East Sussex, it is 47 miles (76 km) south of London. It's the city where ABBA won the 1974 contest and began their internatinal career of great success. 

    Potential Venue: This is one of the facts that makes the city's bid weak, as Brighton at the moment lacks of a indoor arena that meets EBU's criteria for housing the competition. The exisitng arenas do not exceed the capacity number of 5000 spectators way less than the required number essential for hosting the contest. 


    Transport: While the city has an extensive railway and bus network, Brighton City Airport is 9 miles (14 km) west of Brighton near the town of Shoreham-by-Sea. Additionally, Brighton is easily accessible via Gatwick, which is a 20-minute train journey to the north of Brighton.


    Accommodation: The city sees an significant number of available hotel rooms and appartments as it's economy relies in big numbers on tourism and visitors. 

    The city features several museums and galleries, more than 250 restaurants and offers a wide range of night-life hot spots. The seafront is also home to many restaurants, sports facilities, amusement arcades, nightclubs and bars.


    News Source: Eurovoix/ The Argus

    Image: mybrightonandhove