Eurovision 2023: Grand Final running order released

Eurovision 2023: Grand Final running order released
Friday, 12 May 2023

  • The producers of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 have unveiled the running order of Saturday's Grand final live show. 

    With the Grand final line-up completed after the first and second semi-final show and the draw which determined in which half of the final show will the finalists compete in, the organiserd released the particular running order according to which the competing part of the show will unfold. 

    A total of 26 countries will be participating in the final giving the battle to grab that trophy and take it home. The 26 delegates will take the stage in the following running order: 

    grand final 23 running order



    1. Austria
    2. Portugal
    3. Switzerland
    4. Poland
    5. Serbia
    6. France
    7. Cyprus
    8. Spain
    9. Sweden
    10. Albania
    11. Italy
    12. Estonia
    13. Finland
    14. Czechia
    15. Australia
    16. Belgium
    17. Armenia
    18. Moldova
    19. Ukraine
    20. Norway
    21. Germany
    22. Lithuania
    23. Israel
    24. Slovenia
    25. Croatia
    26. United Kingdom


    News Source/Image: EBU