Israel: Ron & Shiran end their journey in X-factor Israel 2022

Israel: Ron & Shiran end their journey in X-factor Israel 2022
Wednesday, 12 January 2022

  • Ron & Shiran are the latest acts eliminated in last evening's (11/1) episode of X-Factor Israel, the show that will determine the country's Eurovision 2022 hopeful and song. 

    Another episode took place last evening ( 11/1) which was the second part of the phase in which the contestants are asked to perform a song by one of the judges of The X Factor. The second set of acts performed songs originally sung by the judges,  in order to convince the judges that they deserve to continue to the quarterfinals. 

    In this phase the judges give a score up to 10 points each and after summarizing the judges' score the audience will give his own score while for each contestant the audience can give up to 60 points. The two contestants who end in the last two places are up for elimination and the judges will decide which of them will proceed to the next stage and who will leave the competion. 

    This episode featured singer Harel Skaat , who served as a judge on the "Next Star" program and has represented Israel at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Milim". Harel was invited to express his views on the contestants' performances. 


    With  the judges' songs phase progessing the rest five acts that took the stage were:

    Inbal Bibi - Now Cloudy (Aviv Geffen) : The judges awarded 40 points, the crowd added 54 points. A total of 94 points.

    Ron & Shiran - Yama (Margalit Tsan'ani): The judges awarded Ron and Sheeran 30 points, the crowd added 50 points. A total of 80 points

    Linet - Leshem (Miri Mesika): The judges awarded Linet 40 points - the crowd added an additional 52 points. A total of 92 points

     Michael Ben David - Green Plastic Tree (Margalit Tsan'ani): The judges gave Michael 40 points - the crowd added another 48 points. A total of 88 points

    Ilai Almakies - Journey Diary (Aviv Geffen &  Arik Einstein): The judges awarded Ilai 40 points - the crowd added another 46 points. A total of 86 points


    Based on the total points received Ilai Almakies and Ron & Shiran were up for elimination. After the tie in the first four judges' votes (Neta and Miri favored Ron & Shiran - Ren and Aviv favored Ilai) Ron and Shiran were eventually the ones to leave the show with the decisive vote by Margalit who opted for Ilai remaining in the show. 

    The next episode will be broadcast on Sunday, January 16, at 9:15 PM on Channel 13. 


    Until the next episode enjoy below one of last evening's performances, with Linet singing 'Leshem' originally sung by Miri Mersika: 



    How will the ESC 2022 hopeful and song be determined

    After a number of auditions and shows, once the semi final is held and the four finalists are determined on Channel 13, a second semi final will take place in order to determine the songs the four finalists will perform in the X-factor final show. Each of the four candidates will have to perform two songs selected out of the songs sent in during the submission period. In this parallel semifinal show one of the two candidate songs will be chosen for each of the four finalists. 

    Thus, the final of X-factor will see the four finalists perform the song chosen in the side semi final show while the final winner will secure the right to represent Israel in Turin at Eurovision 2022.


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