EBU: Italy's Head of Delegation, Simona Martorelli, has been designated as the chairperson of the International Broadcasting Committee

EBU: Italy's Head of Delegation, Simona Martorelli, has been designated as the chairperson of the International Broadcasting Committee
Wednesday, 09 June 2021

  • Ms. Simona Martorelli, Italy's Head of Delegation, has been designated as the chairperson of the International Broadcasting Committee

    Simona Martorelli succeeded Nicola Cagliore as the Italian Head of Delegation after he left RAI and was the HoD to lead the country in it's recent Eurovision 2021 victory in Rotterdam with the rock band Maneskin

    The Italian Head of Delegation and RAI’s Director of International Relations Department has now been assigned with a new role at EBU, that of the chairperson of the International Broadcasting Committee.

    The International Broadcasting Committee was elected earlier this month and consist of the following members: 

    • Simona Martorelli (RAI)– Chairperson
    • Xiaoying Zhang (DW)
    • Bärbel Moser (France Médias Monde)
    • Nathalie Bobineau (France Télévisions)
    • Kazimir Bacic (HRT)
    • Eugen Cojocariu (Radio Romania International)
    • Zlatan Begovic (RTS)
    • Maria Jesus Perez (RTVE)

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    The EBU released a statement regarding the new Committee which mentioned the following: 

    "On 1 June 2021 members elected the new International Broadcasting Committee. Chaired by Simona Martorelli, the Committee steers the cooperation activities of the International Broadcasting Assembly (IBA) and sets the agenda of the annual Assembly.

    IBA brings together EBU Members that transmit internationally (TV, radio and online) to discuss and share strategic challenges, identify areas of mutual support, assistance and knowledge and to reinforce synergies with other EBU activities. IBA provides a platform for international relations as well as sales, marketing and distribution experts.

    IBA was created in 2015 with a decision of the EBU’s General Assembly. International broadcasters – most of whom are affiliates or departments of existing Members – formerly met under the aegis of The Bruges Group."


    A few words about Simona Martorelli

    Born in Rome in 1959, she graduated in Political Science. He obtained a Master of Arts in "United Nations and International Studies" from New York University with a Fulbright scholarship. She was hired by Rai in November 1984 as an employee (graduate) at the 1st Television Network where she takes care of the activities relating to co-productions and sponsorships

    After that first position a number of roles were assigned to her over the years bulding a rich bio of contributions to the Italian broadcaster: 

    January 1992: Sshe was assigned to the "Purchase of filmed materials" function, obtaining the relative official qualification

    1994: She became head of the function that deals with co-productions at the "Fiction Rights Management: Productions, Co-productions, Contracts" Department.

    1995: Takes over the "Coordination of contracts and international relations" function within the Commercialization Rights and Archives of the Commercial Development Department.

    1997:  She was appointed to the "Contracts" position of the Contracts, Administration and Competitions Structure of the Activities Department for Public Administrations.

    February 1999: She was assinged with the role of head of the "Regulations and Contracts" organizational position of the Subscription Production and Activities Management for the Public Administration.

    September 1999: She was seconded to the RAI offices in Brussels, reporting directly to the Institutional Relations Department, with the task of monitoring relations with the European Commission.

    2001 - 2004: She worked directly under the Director of the Institutional Relations Department.

    October 2004: She was then placed within the Communication, External and Institutional Relations Department - Institutions Relations Department.

    June 2005 - May 2008: She worked as National Expert seconded to the Directorate General "Information Society" of the European Commission.

    December 2008: Within the aforementioned Department, he has overseen some international activities at the EBU offices in Brussels, also collaborating with the Development and Commercial Coordination Department 

    Since 2014:  She has been operating within the Institutional and International Relations Department, exclusively in Brussels, for the oversight and monitoring of activities relating to the EBU and EU funding programs

    2016: She assumed responsibility for the "International Relations" organizational unit with the qualification of Deputy Director in the Communication, External, Institutional and International Relations Department.

    May 2019: She was appointed Director of the International Relations Department.


    News Source: EBU/ESCtoay/ RAI 

    Image: EBU - Cover Photo cover: RAI