Belarus: Galasy ZMesta to Eurovision 2021 with their song “Ya nauchu tebya”

Belarus: Galasy ZMesta to Eurovision 2021 with their song “Ya nauchu tebya”
Tuesday, 09 March 2021

  • The group Galasy ZMesta will be representing Belarus at Eurovision 2021 with their song “Ya nauchu tebya” (I'll teach you).

    The Belarusian national broadcaster, BTRC, has announced this evening that the group Galasy ZMesta will be defending the Belasrusian colors in Rotterdam singing “Ya nauchu tebya” (I'll teach you).

    This year's acts was internally selected with the broadcaster making an open call for songs back in January. Circa 50 Submissions were made among which those by ZENA, Alyona Gorbachova, CHAKRAS, KAZNA and Vitaly Voronko. THis is the first time since 2011 that the country song was determined via an internal selection and the first time it's in Russian. 


    A few words for Galasy ZMesta

    Galasy ZMEst is a rock group from Baranovichi in western Belarus. The group is formed by Dmitry Batukov, Evgeny Kardash, Maksim Ponomarenko, Evgeny Artyukh and Irina Sorgovitskaya. The group came into the spotlight when during the pro-democracy protests in Belarus, the band  supported  Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus since 1994 critisizing the protestors. The band have also been criticised for transphobic lyrics in some of their past songs. “Ya nauchu tebya” has also been criticised for lyrics mocking the Belarusian pro-democracy movement.

    Belarus is set to comepete in the 1st half of the first semi final on May 18,2021 in Rotterdam Ahoy. 


    Belarus in Eurovision 

    Belarus has been participating in Eurovision since 2004 without missing an edition since its first participation. Its best placing so far was in 2007 with Dmitry Koldun and Work Your Magic which finished 6th in the final. This remains Belarus’ only top ten placement. Belarus also qualified for the final in 2010, 2013, 2014, 2017 and 2019. On the other hand its worst result came in 2006 with Polina Smolova who finished 22nd in the semi final.

    In 2018 Alekseev represented the country with his song Forever but unfortunantely didn’t make it to the final as he finished 16th in the 1st semi final. In the 2019 contest the country was represented by national final winner,Zena, who performed “Like it” in Tel Aviv . 

    Last year the duo Val won the national final with their song Da vidna  but never made it to the Eurovision 2020 stage as the contest was cancelled due to the covid-19 pandemic. 

    News Source/image: BTRC