Today: Eurofans Radio Celebrating Valentines Day the Eurovision way!

Today: Eurofans Radio Celebrating Valentines Day the Eurovision way!
Monday, 13 February 2023

  • Eurofans Radio is celebrating Valentines Day the Eurovision way with a special show on February 14 from 2pm up to 11 pm CET with ongoing Eurovision love songs! 

    On February 13 it was World Radio Day  and what a better way to celebrate combining it today with Valentines day spirit and getting in a more romantic and love mood the Eurovision way. 

    Our upgrowing media outlet that is inspired and dedicated to the Eurovision values couldn't miss out the occasion and is airing this evening a show aiming to share the biggest Eurovision values of all: LOVE ! 

    Thus, Eurofans Radio invites all radio lovers, music lovers and of course the Eurovision fans around the world to join its live show and create a big big online community all day through where love messages and love songs will dominate our Valentines day marathon show almost up to midnight. 

    Drop us a line asking your favorite Eurovision Love song, dedicate it to the person you want and let us share your loving message with the rest of the world. 

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    How to take part 

    More than one options in order for you to be part of this St Valentines special show! 


    Our website 

    Firstly, download our application and  join our 24/7 chatroom which is open to our listeners around the clock and drop your message and request in the chat. You access our chat room eithei through our website or download Eurofans Radio Application. 

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    The application

    Download the Eurofans radio appplication, for ios Devices here: and for Android devices here: and on the top left side is the menu list for you to unfold. Go to the option "Record" and press the recording button in order to send a 20 sec vocal message, which we can share live on air! 

    In addition there is our recording message option in the application's menu. Press the recording button and leave your message and dedication to go public on air. 

    app eurofans recording

    More easier you can dorp us a line and  send in your request and dedication by a simple message on our Eurofans Radio Facebook Page and Instagram accout  or to our email address [email protected] . 


    Don't miss out our special show starting at 14:00 CET , giving LOVE a say the Eurovision way!!


    Here is the starting time of our show in different time zones around the world: 

    Central European Time: 14:00 PM (Stockholm, Paris, Madrid,Rome, The Netherland, Berlin)

    Greece: 3 pm 

    Western Europe: 1 PM (London)

    Stockholm: 2 PM

    Madrid: 2PM

    Moscow: 4 PM

    Istanbul: 4 PM

    Syndney-Melbourne: 12 AM (15/2) 

    Mexico City: 7 AM

    New York/ Toronto/Colobia: 8 AM

    San Paolo: 10 AM