Junior Eurovision 2021 Rehearsals: 1st Rehearsal for Spain's Levi Díaz

Junior Eurovision 2021 Rehearsals: 1st Rehearsal for Spain's Levi Díaz
Tuesday, 14 December 2021

  • The rehearsals for Junior Eurovision 2021 in Day 1 progess at La Seine Musicale with the eighth act rehearsing on stage, Levi Díaz from Spain.

    Junior Eurovision 2021 rehearsals kick off in Paris with the 9 out of the 19 competing acts will be taking the stage to rehearse their entries on the stage of La Seine Musicale, the concert hall that will host this year's Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Namely Portugal, Ireland, Malta, Netherland, Germany, Italy, Georgia, Spain and Poland are scheduled to make their first rehearsals. 

    Next up on stage to make his first rehearsal is  Levi Díaz from Spain, who will be performing 16th in Sunday's live show. Levi will be singing 'Reίr' (Laugh).

    Levi takes the stage joined by four dancers! They are old dressed in jean blue trousers and white shirts. Levi gives an outstanding energetic performance urging the audience to dance and laugh as the song is titled. The choreography unfolds in front of a train carriage while the background features  spray paint grafitties and corlorful neon visual graphics of a city landscape in a sunset light environment. 

    If this is not a 'revolutionary' uptempo performance, an invitation to dance and laugh, what is! 


    A few words for Levi 

    Levi Díaz is 13 years old and is the current winner of the sixth edition of 'La Voz Kids' in Spain. Although he started in music a little over a year ago, he has had enough time to decide which style he likes the most, pop, because it is the one that allows him the most interpretation. Frank Sinatra is his idol. His voice, his tone, the rhythm of his songs captivated him.

    In 'La Voz Kids' he won after performing songs like' Mama No 'with Pablo López,' Diamonds', 'Warrior', 'Alive' by Sia, or the very demanding song 'Never enough' from the OST of 'The greatest showman '.

    Levi Díaz, born in Cornellà de Llobregat, transmits with just a glance, but his velvety and emotional voice captured the attention of the entire public, thus crowning himself, with much competition, the winner of the contest.

    Levi Díaz is currently preparing to improve his vocal technique, in addition to continuing his studies. He has become a clear example for other young people who, like him, want to make a place for themselves in the world of music. In 2019, he participated in the first edition of 'La Voz de Cornellà' and won the first prize in the youth category, in addition to receiving public recognition with the award for the most charismatic contestant.


    News Source: Junioreurovision.tv

    Image: Andres Putting/EBU