Junior Eurovision 2021 Rehearsals: 1st Rehearsal for Poland's Sara James

Junior Eurovision 2021 Rehearsals: 1st Rehearsal for Poland's Sara James
Tuesday, 14 December 2021

  • Day 1 rehearsals for Junior Eurovision 2021 at La Seine Musicale conclude with the nineth and last act rehearsing on stage, Sara James from Poland.

    Junior Eurovision 2021 rehearsals kicked off in Paris with the 9 out of the 19 competing acts  taking the stage to rehearse their entries on the stage of La Seine Musicale, the concert hall that will host this year's Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Namely Portugal, Ireland, Malta, Netherland, Germany, Italy, Georgia, Spain and Poland were scheduled to make their first rehearsals. 

    Last  on stage for today to make her first rehearsal is Sara James from Poland. Sara will be appearing 3rd on stage in Sunday's Live show, singing her the song 'Somebody'

    Sara takes the stage and unfolds her own fairytale story! Dressed in floral pink tulle dress she is accompanied by four dancers wearing pink and blue pastel colored body suits. The choreography unwinds with the dancers holding glittering silver tree branches and intergrating in their dance moves, a ballet form of motion. On the backdrop a sparkling in different colors magic tree reinforces the overall image of a fairytale story unfolding on stage. 


    A few words for Sara Egwu-James

    The gifted 13-year-old comes from Słubice. She has both Polish and Nigerian roots, inherited from her father. Sara is a very family person, so her passion for music comes from the comfort of her home. Her parents are Arleta Dancewicz and John James (musician known from, among others, the X-factor).

    Currently, she attends the Primary School in Ośnie and also attends the 1st Level Music School in Słubice, where she learns to play the piano. Her vocal training workshop is taking place under the watchful eye of Edyta Kręgiel at the SMOK Cultural Center in Słubice. Her interests focus primarily on music, while Sara also enjoys dancing and cooking. Her signature dish is American pancakes. The young artist is also happy to share her achievements on Instragram, where she can be found most often.

    Her career took off for good when she appeared in the fourth edition of The Voice Kids which she eventually won. However, this was not her first contact with this program. Sara took part in one of the previous editions, but dropped out at the pre-casting stage. The extra time to train her skills allowed her to come back in style.

    Performing the song Anyone by Demi Lovato, Sara Egwu-James stole the hearts of jurors and viewers. Everyone turned, but the singer chose the team of Tomson and Baron, under whose coaching she reached the final of the competition and won it. In the program she was hailed as the Polish Whitney Houston, which the young singer is very happy about. Her dream is to reach the level of the artist in the future.


    News Source: Junioreurovision.tv

    Image: Andres Putting/EBU