Junior Eurovision 2021 Rehearsals: 1st Rehearsal for Netherlands' Ayana

Junior Eurovision 2021 Rehearsals: 1st Rehearsal for Netherlands' Ayana
Tuesday, 14 December 2021

  • The rehearsals for Junior Eurovision 2021 continue in this Day 1 of rehearsals at La Seine Musicale with the fourth act to rehearse, Ayana from The Nethelands.

    Junior Eurovision 2021 rehearsals kick off in Paris with the 9 out of the 19 competing acts will be taking the stage to rehearse their entries on the stage of La Seine Musicale, the concert hall that will host this year's Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Namely Portugal, Ireland, Malta, Netherland, Germany, Italy, Georgia, Spain and Poland are scheduled to make their first rehearsals. 

    Next up on stgae to make her first rehearsal is Ayana from the Netherlands who in Sunday's live show will be performing 15th. Ayana will be performing the song “Mata Sugu Aō Ne”.Ayana' s Junior Euovision he song has a unique mix of Dutch, English and Japanese.

    Ayana take the stage and is accompanied by two dancers. They are all dressed in traditional japanese dresses. No surprise as Ayana has set up staging intergrating some of her Japanese heritage, as her mother comes from Japan. The Japanes lyrics included in the songs, the  traditional 'kamigata mai’ (fan dancing) by the dancers during the performance along with the pink blossom on the backdrop are element inspired by Ayana's family backround. 


    A few words for Ayana

    Ayana Voss was born on May 7 2007 in Bussum in North Holland to an English father and a Japanese mother. She has two older twin sisters, Selina and Emina. Ayana has already a wide experience of singing before she auditioned for the Junior Song Contest. For 4 years he was part of “Kinderen vor Kinderan”, one of the Netherlands' greatest children's choir.

    Her entry “Mata sugu aō ne” ( See you soon) is inspired by he fact of not been able to see her releatives in Japan for such a long time. 


    News Source: Junioreurovision.tv

    Images: Andres Putting/EBU