Liechtenstein: No debut for the Principality at Eurovision 2021

Liechtenstein: No debut for the Principality at Eurovision 2021
Thursday, 30 July 2020

  • The national broadcaster of the Principality of Liechtenstein, 1FL TV, has confirmed that the state won't be making its debut participation in next year's Eurovision Song Contest. 

    Liechtenstein will not be the new nation debuting in Eurovision, taking into account what the Liechtesnteiner broadcaster told ESCToday . Although the country is not an active member of EBU and therefore not eligibe to participate in the contest, it has come forward showing interest in joining the EBU in order to take part in the competition. 

    While the broadcaster's director Mr. Peter Kolbel  has made ongoing effort to bring the nation in the Eurovision family too significant issues seem to stand in the way for such result to be accomplished. The first one concerns the lack of governmental support and the second has to do with the financial consequence a EBU membership brings along plus the cost of a Eurovision participation. 

    The last nation that debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest was Australia in 2015, as an associated EBU member and after being invited to the contest. The next Eurovision Song contest is set to take place in Rotterdam on May 18, 20 and 22 at the Rotterdam Ahoy.