Greece: ERT unveils the Greeks' favorite ESC 2020 entries

Greece: ERT unveils the Greeks' ESC 2020 entries
Thursday, 21 May 2020

  • The Greek national broadcaster, ERT, unveiled today the results of the online voting held on its Eurovision site "" during which the Greek fans had the chance to vote for their favourite ESC 2020 entry. 

    From Thursday 14 May to Sunday 17 May 2020 at 23.59, when the voting was over, the website was visited by 22,751 people, and a total of 15,589 votes were recorded.

    Sandro Nicholas, The Roop and Athena Manoukian won the Greek Eurovision Song Contest 2020 voting and are in the top 3 of this year's favorite entries according to the results of the online poll organized by the General Directorate of New Media of ERT to honor the artists who would compete in Eurovision 2020 , in Rotterdam.

    The most popular song was Running of the Cypriot participation, second in the audience's preferences came the song On Fire for Lithuania and third favorite among the ESC 2020 entries in ERT's online voting was the song  Chains on You  representing Armenia. 

    You can see in detail in the first graph the top 10 of the songs and in detail all the results of the online voting in the next two graphs.