Israel: The potential Eurovision 2022 entries revealed

Israel: The potential Eurovision 2022 entries revealed
Sunday, 30 January 2022

  • The  8 candidate songs running for Israel's representation at Eurovision 2022 have been revealed during a special broadcast on KAN. 

    The 8 song s that have been created for the X-factor Israel four finalists, Inbal Bibi, Michael Ben David, Eli Huli and Sapir Saban are out! 

    After a number of auditions and shows and with the semi finals completed and the four finalists  determined on Channel 13, ahead of the X-factor Grand final, a second special show will take place in order to determine the songs the four finalists will perform in the X-factor final show.

    During the show each of the four candidates will have to perform two songs selected out of the songs sent in during the submission period. In this parallel semifinal show one of the two candidate songs will be chosen for each of the four finalists. 

    The singers and the competing songs are:


    Followng the release of the eight songs the online voting opened which will run up to the show during which the song for each finalist will be selected. 

    The eight songs will be performed by the four finalists during HaShir Shelanu L’Eurovizion show on February 3, with one of the two song selected for each finalist.. The results of the show will be influenced 50% by public vote, 25% by the judges' voting and the rest 50% by a professional committee.

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    Image: Ohad Kab