Eurovision 2021: Today Live from Rotterdam The Turquoise Carpet

Eurovision 2021: Today Live from Rotterdam The Turquoise Carpet
Sunday, 16 May 2021

  • Good afternoon Europe and Australia!.....This is Rotterdam calling!! Eurovision 2021 week is about to officially kick off with the Turquoise Carpet set to take place at 18:00 CET at at the Rotterdam Cruise Terminal.

    Here we go peole as The Netherlands are really making it happen, as the Eurovision shows weeks is about to start with the Opening Ceremony and the Turquoise Carpet ready to mark the primary week of the 65th Eurovision Song Contest here in Rotterdam. 

    This year's Opening Ceremony wil take place at the Rotterdam Cruise Terminal and it will feature a Turquoise Carpet 210 meters long. The delegations that have travelled to Rotterdam were initially set to  be transfered with a boat to the Cruise Terminal before they make the traditional walk on the opening ceremony's carpet.  With the members from the Polisth and the Icelandic delegation tested covid postitve the organisers decided to opt for a different way of  transfer, with the delegations being transfered privately at the location. 


    Rotterdam Cruise Terminal

    The Rotterdam Cruise Terminal is a building on the Wilhelmina Pier, Rotterdam. The Cruise Terminal served as the arrival and departure point of Holland America Line and is considered part of the city’s social and industrial heritage. The Cruise Terminal is still used by large passenger vessels that visit Rotterdam. The Terminal is now known for its cafe/restaurant located inside with a hall of 3800 m². Besides this year's opening ceremony it was set to host last year's Eurovision Openign Ceremony that eventually was cancelled. 


    What to see during the Turquoise Carpet

    During the Turquoise event,  the competing acts fo the 65th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest will be able to meet and greet the present press media outlets. Also the attendng  artists will be interviewed live by Koos van Plateringen and Fenna Ramos.

    In addtion, at the opening ceremony, the Mayor of Rotterdam, Mr Ahmed Aboutaleb and officials from AVROTROS, NOS, NPO, the EBU, City of Rotterdam and The Netherlands will officially welcome the delegations and the competing acts marking the beginning of the Eurovision 2021 week. 


    How to Watch 

    You can watch the Turquoise Carpet live at 18:00 CET  on the official Eurovision Youtube Channel: 


    News Source/Image: Eurovision Youtube channel