Eurovision 2021 betting odds: Which entries are the bookies' favorites up to date

Eurovision 2021 betting odds:  Which entries are the bookies' favorites up to date
Sunday, 02 May 2021

  • Like every year the bookies's predictions for which country will win the Eurovision trophy is one of the side factors on the road towards each contest. With the competition around the corner slight changes have taken place in the betting odds with most of the countries keeping their placings firmly.  

    With all delegations in full steam making their final preparations, just six days before the rehearsals kick off in Rotterdam, this is how the betting odds board has developed, reflecting who are the bookies' favorites to win this year's contest. Lets go an see in which position are the competing countries regarding the bookies' preferences up to date: 


     The top 5 favorites for victory

    Comparing to last week's betting oddsweek's betting odds, we have new entry in the Top 5 places as, Iceland's Dadi Freyr is back in the top 5 with the trends fo bet favoring him and bringing him just 1% of winning chances behind 4th Italy. In the first three top place Destiny remain first for Malta followed by France's Barbara Pravi and Gjon's tears from Switzerland, abut with the margin wider this week between the two first places. 


    Places 6 to 10

    Iceland's return in the top 5 has brought a one place drop down for Bulgaria, Sweden and Lithuania who now are placed 6th, 7th and 8th repsectively. Elena Tsagrinou seems to be back for good in the top 10 gaining one more position at 9th place whith TIX from Norway dropping to 10th place. 

    Here is how the top 10 looks like with the green color showing a trend for more bets and the red a trend in losing bets: 

    Top10 bets


    Which entries follow the top 10 

    Senhit's placing in the top 10 didn't last long and now the Sammarinese act is placed 12th losing 2 spots with Finland's Blind Channel winning two positions and are just a breath away from the top 10 placed 11th. Greece's rapid drop down continues with Stefania losing 2 more places and his now 14th in the scoreboard. While most of the other countries performing firmly in the betting odds, Romania gains one place and is now 13th while the most remarkable change is Israel's performance with Eden Alene winning three whole spots and from 20th she now enjoys the 17th placing with a trend of climbing further up. 


    11 20bets


    Below you can check out all the rest placings on the betting odds board from 21-39:

    21 39bets


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