Eurovision 2024: What do bookies predict for Malmö up to date

Eurovision 2024: What do bookies predict for Malmö up to date
Thursday, 21 March 2024

  • With all Eurovision 2024 songs released, the betting odds and fan polls are giving us a hint on who might win the 68th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. 

    The national selection season has reached to its end, with the last countries revealing  their Eurovision 2024 entries just a week ago. So as delegatios are getting prepared for the semifinal shows and Grand final with ongoing rehearsals the bookies and various polls give their estimation on where things are going regrading the throphy. 



    Bookies' Predictions


    Places 1 to 10

    According to the betting odds that the current time Croatia has a clear lead with the bookies giving to Baby Lasagna's 'Rim Tim Dagi Tim'  from Croatia 21% winning chance, which is the highest percentage of the last weeks. Since the day Baby Lasagna won the national final his has firmly maintained his lead on the betting odds borad. Second behind are Ukraine's Alyona Alyona & J. Heil with a 12% winning chance while third at the moment is Italy's Angelina Mango. The top 5 closes with the Swiss entrant Nemo in the 4th place and this year's Europapa , Dutch representative Joost Klein.  

    Notably, we have a great comeback for Greece in the top 10 with Marina Satti placed 7th at the moment just one place under Belgium's Mustii, while Slimane from France has a firm spot in the top 10 since he released his song. Also Israel's Eden Goland despite the arguements around the country's participation in the contest this year, is place 8th making her own way to the top 10. The host nation close the top 10 at the moment at 10th place. 

    bettingodds 2024 top10


    Places 11 - 20

    Just out of the top 10 according to the bookies is the UK's entrant Olly Alexander while 12th and 13th are place at the moment Austria's Kaleen and Silvester Belt from Lithuania repsectively. Also Armenia Ladaniva show a tred to climb firther up in the bets , at what point we'll have to wati as the song was one of the las t Here is how the betting odds picture up to position #20. 

    bettings2024 11to20


    Places 21 to 37

    In the places from 21 to 37 not major up and downs and some of the entries that were released last, like Azerbaijan need perhaps more days to see how they will perform. Here is how the places from 21 to the end looks like accroding to the bookies. 

    bettings2024 21to37


    Despite if one agrees with the bookies predictions we must outline that this is a picture of the moment and all odds can change in the future as we head to the main Eurovision shows. We've seen in plenty occasions acts landing in the host Eurovision country placed low in the betting odds and after their rehearsal performance boosted them in the first place. So hold your horses everyone we have more and more things and factors to comes that can influence the bettiing odds and the winning chances for every single competing act. 


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