Eurovision 2024: PrePartyES performances shake up the betting odds board

Eurovision 2024: PrePartyES performances shake up the betting odds board
Monday, 01 April 2024

  • Following the first Eurovision 2024 Preparty event in Madrid, Spain the live performances seem to  have shaken up the betting odds board. 

    Cpmparing to last weeks betting odds board, the dds are facing the first impact from the live performances of the first preparty event that took place  last weekend in Madrid, Spain. 

    The outstanding vocal performance of the Swiss representative, Nemo, singing 'The Code' on Sala Riviera's stage was enough to bring Switzerland on the #1 place catching Croatia and Baby Lasagna on the top of the bookies' predictions. 

    Lets go and see in details how the bookies predict for Eurovision 2024 these days: 


    Places 1 to 10

    Apart from Switzerland's Nemo climb up to the 1st place where Baby Lasagna has been sittiing over the last month, France is also moving up in the top 10 and is currently 7th with Greece dropping one place and is now 8th, one place above Israel. Italy is close to the first two ( Croatia and Switzerland) while Ukraine has dropped to the 4th palce and The Netherlands and Belgium stay firm at the 5th and 6th place respectively. The top 10 close with Sweden. 

    top 10 betting odds


    Places 11 to 37

    No other major changes have we seen in the bookies favorites since last week when it comes to the places following the top 10. Just about to enter the top 10 are Austria, the UK and Lithuania with the first one gaining one place to 11th. 

    betting odd 11to20


    Places 21 to 37

    All the other betting odds from 21 and down diasplay pretty much the previous week's picture with minor up and downs for some countries. 

    betting odds 21to37


    Taking into account that we have ahead a number of preparty events set to take place the following weeks the betting odds could face further shake-ups in accordance with the live performances the 37 acts will be delivering and how their vocal performance will appeal to the audience. 

    It's interesting this year how the margins between the acts in the top 10 are very narrow indicating that we are going to have an exciting contest and even more thrillong outcome.


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